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Top Tiger shelves for "bright" energy of life


——Top Tiger shelves strong-arm reaction 2015 8th international cold chain peak BBS


    Early summer, the central plains of China may not able to withstand the fire general enthusiasm. May 21-22, by the cold chain logistics technology and service union, China's "modern logistics", "logistics technology and strategy of Taiwan, Japan" Material Flow ", jointly organized, zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental area management committee to guide, three-stringed henan real estate co., LTD., supported by "2015 of the eighth international cold chain logistics peak BBS", held in zhengzhou legg mason sheraton hotel. Including well-known food produced in the manufacturing industry, the international logistics industry, logistics warehousing, distribution companies, chain retail circulation nearly 300 guests gathered, such as suzhou top tiger technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "suzhou top tiger) as an industry well-known shelves manufacturers are invited to participate in the BBS.

    BBS "synergistic combination of life" as the theme, covers "food security" and "origin of direct selling" two big modules, focus on "construction of cold chain quality management and warehouse operations system", "fresh wholesale market and the development trend of food ingredients business park", two major issues for the participants to understand and study the advanced countries and regions in the circulation of fresh food and cold chain logistics experience, and jointly explore the future possibility of cold chain logistics in China.


    Friends, have you ever thought of such a scenario: when you go to work in the morning, just on the phone APP simple slip a few times, choose your favorite seafood, to you, when I come home from work from hainan island is the most fresh ingredients have been sent to your neighborhood convenience store, a gourmet dinner waiting for you to enjoy.

    This is not a fairy tale, but can realize the scene, with the high-speed development of the modern cold chain logistics industry, especially from field to table the efficient logistics system, the establishment of people's life style is changing. And all this, cannot leave from food manufacturing, cold-chain logistics warehousing, distribution, retail chain, Internet, each big the support of the industry, which, as an important supplier, cold chain storage equipment suzhou top tiger has including swire cold chain, all the goods logistics, KFC, many famous cold chain logistics enterprise provides the high quality of shelf products, and withstand the test of strict.

    In brainstorming session of the BBS, suzhou top tiger sales director Mr Jing-jing xu as a special guest of the quality of cold chain logistics management and technical requirements to share the successful experience. He points out that the tripod tiger shelves can set up good reputation in the industry, to maintain industry leading position, and this tripod tiger shelf has always been adhering to the "high quality, safe, economic and reliable" product concept, top tiger shelves through their own research and development design team, according to customer's warehouse operation environment, the optimal cost-effective products for customers tailored, ensure customer value maximization.

    In the outside, also very busy, to suzhou top tiger booth before consulting products customers in an endless stream, staff in detail introduces the company's products and services, and a detailed record customer demand and contact way, get the height of the attending customer recognition and praise.

    The meeting, suzhou top tiger with cold chain industry professionals also share its successful experiences in cryogenic storage utilization, fully shows the cold storage users provide powerful products and solutions support ability, communicate with the Chinese cold chain logistics common growth and development of determination and confidence. In the future, as China's cold chain storage demand continues to increase, suzhou top tiger, as always, to make new contributions to the cold chain logistics industry will get more cold chain logistics industry users, contribute to the industry a logistics equipment modernization services specialist.

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