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Ding Suzhou Tiger Technology Co., Ltd Legal Notices

To use a tripod Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou any content or information, please read the terms of use. Please note that the access and / or use of this site (such as copy any information, etc.), it means that you accept these terms of use. If you do not accept these terms of use, please leave and stop using this website.

This website and all its affiliated sites (collectively, the "Site") is determined by Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou tripod release and maintenance. By using this site, you agree to this legal notice ("Terms of Use") set forth in the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use this site.

We are subject to change or amend the terms of use of the content. So you should access these Terms of Use each time you visit the page at this site at the same time. If you continue to use this website after we change or amend the terms of use, you agree to the new terms of use.

All content on this site, including all images, software, text and graphics, buttons, keywords, labels, and overall appearance ("Content"), are subject to national laws and international treaties protected by copyright. Within this website including logo, company logo and emblem are trademarks and other rights in Suzhou Ding Tiger Technology Limited or its content providers. Under the premise of not limiting the foregoing, except as specified in this outside, you are not allowed to use this website. This provision would violate intellectual property infringement Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou tripod or content providers, Suzhou tripod Tiger Technology Limited or its content providers may resort to the law to protect these rights.

The site content is available to read and print the file on the site available for distribution, provided only for informational and non-commercial personal purposes and should be used with files marked by Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou tripod. Not allowed to exchange, modify, sell or transmit any content of this website. Press releases and other documents marked as public property, in the case indicate the sources of information available for public communication.

If you send e-mail communication or material to this site or other form, unless noted do all these communications will be treated as non-confidential and non-copyright properties. Ding Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou Tiger can not do any compensation in the case, feel free to use for any purpose you send to this website any content contained in communications, opinions, expertise or technology. However, you agree and understand that Tiger Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou tripod is not obligated to use any such ideas or materials, and you have no right to compel adoption.

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