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    As the days passed by, since the tripod tiger industrial group since its shelf production and sales business in mainland China, suzhou top tiger technology along with the high-speed development of modern logistics industry has gone through more than 10 years during the spring and autumn. 

    Suzhou top tiger technology has been adhering to the "high quality, safe, economic and reliable" product concept, from the shelves of the design, development, production installation to after-sales service, for the global customers with a full range, one-stop solution. So far, has been for the food and beverage, cold chain, medicine, automobile manufacturing, third-party logistics and other industries to provide the reliable shelf products and services, created a respected brand of logistics equipment. 

    "To create maximum value for customers" is our top tiger man plowed driving force, "all take the customer as the center" is our top tiger is rooted in the professional spirit in the blood, at the same time, top tiger people be grateful, with enthusiasm realizes the enterprise social responsibility. 

    Throughout the world, modern logistics industry is undergoing profound and complicated changes, its the basic and strategic position in national economic development is more and more important. As has been much customer praise "logistics equipment modernization service expert", suzhou top tiger technology to China logistics warehousing industry contribute an excellent enterprise, the shelves of a world-class brand. 

    This is our goal, it is our vision too. 

    We are engaged in a great and difficult business, I also know that it takes several generations top tiger people hard effort, I hope the journey of realizing the vision the tripod with two handles to become the tiger, for customers, for employees, for countries, continuously make new contributions. 


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