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    Suzhou top tiger technology co., LTD., currently has more than 50 professional design personnel, the current research and development and design team, the main backbone in logistics planning and design, warehousing equipment research and development and design all have more than 10 years of work experience, three senior logistics planning industry experts in the field of the service life of up to 20 years. Our company has been for domestic industry, the successful implementation of the nearly thousand logistics planning project. 


    Project planning and design team, in addition to professional and technical quality, our professional design soft gauge is used in designing of the whole design process can be virtual simulation and dynamic 3 d simulation design, so make sure our design scheme is more accurate and fast. In line with to provide clients with economic, security, professional product design concept, has developed more than 20 storage shelves product technology patents. We the design of the formulation of standards, with reference to the Europe, America, Australia and other countries, the design criterion for the storage and shelf so as to ensure that in the leading position in the industry. We also actively advocate of the Chinese warehousing and shelf industry standardization units and storage shelves standards drafting unit. 

    We work closely with domestic scientific research institutes, by combining production, study and research, to develop competitive products on the market. Safety is always the first storage shelves, and must consider the economy at the same time. Our company adopts advanced mechanics software SAP2000, accurate mechanical calculation and structure analysis, both to ensure that the product design of the structure of the safe, reliable, and achieve the rationality and efficiency of product design. 

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