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Privacy Protection

Protection of user privacy is a basic policy of Suzhou Ding Tiger Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou tripod tiger) is. You register on the Web site or submission of information related only to confirm your application and follow-up services to ensure Suzhou tripod tiger provide you with timely and perfect service. If you feel the need to modify or delete this information, you can contact our customer service staff directly.

     Ding Suzhou Tiger will not provide to any third parties your personal information or personal, publish or disseminate any information you registered on this site, except in the following circumstances:

1, the prior express authorization of users;

2, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations;

3, according to the decision or ruling of a court or arbitrator, as well as the requirements of other judicial proceedings;

4, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

5, in order to stop the violation of the terms of use of the user or other damage interests of Suzhou tripod tiger behavior.

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